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Trip by the Attorney General of the Republic to Muramvya


Feb 14, 2023

MURAMVYA February 14th (ABP) – The Attorney General of the Republic of Burundi, Mr. Sylvestre Nyandwi, joined the people of Rutegama commune on Saturday, February 11, 2023 in community work to grow eucalyptus trees on the Nyarunazi hill.

Mr. Nyandwi said that in addition to environmental protection works, he was carrying the message of the government containing three objectives. It is about strengthening social cohesion among the people of Burundi, mobilizing for mutual respect and the law without forgetting the call to fight against places known as ligalas for sustainable development.

The Attorney General of the Republic also indicated that his trip to Muramvya province was part of the implementation of the will of the President of the Republic who asks the highest authorities of the country to join, every Saturday, the people of provinces in community work and at the same time inform them of the government’s objectives.

On that occasion, Mr. Nyandwi sensitized the people on the importance and the need for social cohesion. All the lawsuits being in the courts originate from the lack of charity among people. According to him, sensitization in the courts aims to enable people in conflict situations to settle their disagreements out of court because, Mr. Nyandwi pointed out, it happens that the courts decide against the truth. Hence, the establishment of village notables who have the obligation to uphold the law at the level of their respective villages, so that conflicts are first dealt with at the base by village judges who push them forward, if necessary, in the concern to enable the strengthening of justice at the national level. The Attorney General of the Republic also spoke of mutual respect, the law and the authorities as well as the usefulness of work for the self-development and the economy of the country while fighting against the places known as ligalas, sources of thugs who eat without producing. Note that those activities were also attended by governor Diomède Nzambimana, communal administrators, native executives and heads of provincial services.