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Visit by the Chief Justice to Mabayi commune


Feb 14, 2023

CIBITOKE February 14th (ABP) – Chief Justice Emmanuel Gateretse paid a visit, on Saturday February 11, to Mabayi commune of Cibitoke province, as a government delegate, for community works consisting in the paving of classrooms of Rurinzi basic school based in the Ruhororo zone. After the work consisting of mixing and moving concrete for paving five classrooms, Mr. Gateretse called on the people to show solidarity, to keep peace, and to love labor. In order not to continue wasting time in the jurisdictions, including the Supreme Court, the same official urged the participants to collaborate well with the administration and those responsible for justice, to find a solution at the local level. He asked them to help each other, and to stand together against injustice, conscience buying and false testimony.

For the governor of Cibitoke province, Carême Bizoza, he asked the parents of pupils studying at Rurinzi basic school to buy at least slippers for their children, who should not spend all day barefoot on the cemented pavement.

As for the director of Rurinzi basic school, Mr. Lambert Musabimana, his school dating from the 1950s has other needs, including teaching staff, textbooks, and benches. Note that the classrooms paved on Saturday are for the 4th level. He also pleaded for the post-basic school, with a technical section, to avoid cases of school drop-outs of certain pupils, after the 9th grade, for lack of post-basic facilities close to home.