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The second vice president of the Senate has taken part in the paving work of a hospital under construction


Feb 14, 2023

BURURI February 14th (ABP) – The second vice president of the Senate, Mr. Cyriaque Nshimirimana, joined the people of Bururi on Saturday, February 11, in the paving works of a hospital under construction in the premises of the Pentecost church of Kiremba. The work of the day consisted in the collection of bricks and rubble to the construction site, a check by ABP revealed.

On that occasion, Mr. Nshimirimana called on the grassroots administrative officials to work in favor of the subordinates without any other condition. He asked the people to entrust their disputes to the village mediators recently set up.

To the judiciary, that parliamentarian has provided advice inviting that judicial body to always decide without leaning side and to render fair justice. He asked the administrative officials at all levels to definitively fight the gatherings of the lazy and to encourage, rather, the whole population to go about work to overcome poverty. He did not forget to ask the maintain to peace and tighten security.