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It is possible to organize labor round the clock, according to the Vice President of the Republic


Feb 14, 2023

RUMONGE February 14th (ABP) – The Vice President of the Republic, Mr. Prosper Bazombanza, joined the people of Rumonge commune on Saturday February 11, 2023 in the concreting works of two classrooms of Mugomere I basic school.

Prior to that work, Mr. Bazombanza held a meeting for heads of communal and provincial services to discuss the difficulties observed in some sectors.

                                                                          View of the heads of services

The sectors that have had the opportunity to present their challenges include those of health, agriculture and livestock, justice and education. The lack of technical schools is a major challenge for the education sector in Rumonge province, according to director provincial of Education in Rumonge, Mr. Isaac Ndikuriyo.

At the level of the director provincial responsible for agriculture (DPEAE), the lack of staff and operating costs are among the difficulties that haunt the sector, according to its manager, Abel Ndayishimiye. The health sector is facing, according to the medical director of the Rumonge health province, Dr. Jean Claude Ndikumasabo, the lack of nursing staff and equipment for communal hospitals. Those officials pleaded for the urgent solution in order to serve the people well.

In his speech, the Vice President of the Republic commended the step already taken by the people of Rumonge province in terms of development. He encouraged them by starting with a native businessman from the same province, who built a hotel called “Niyibituronsa Hotel”. For Mr. Bazombanza, businessmen should take that good example to invest in different projects, taking advantage of the assets that the province presents, in order to develop their native locality.

He also called on the people to take advantage of the prevailing security by organizing work in turns, 24 hours a day, while thanking the administrative officials who have already taken the lead in the fight against the crowds of lazy people. In terms of good governance, he called on the administrative authorities to work for the interest of their subordinates and to behave like good shepherds.

After the meeting, Vice President Bazombanza joined the people in the concreting works of two classrooms of Mugomere I basic school. On that occasion, he invited the participants to collaborate well with the village notables in order to facilitate their task. Winking at those notables, he asked them to avoid corruption.