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Visit by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Burundi to Cibitoke


Feb 9, 2023

CIBITOKE February 9th (ABP) – The Prime Minister of the Republic of Burundi, Mr. Gervais Ndirakobuca, paid a working visit on Tuesday, February 7, 2023, to the headquarters of Buganda commune, in Cibitoke province, within the framework of his program of trips in all the provinces of the country, started since last October, a check in Buganda by ABP has revealed.

During that visit, Mr. Ndirakobuca met with administrative officials, heads of services, various leaders from across the province, as well as the people, to discuss their concerns. As it is his native province and the last province visited, in the said framework, he reminded the participants of the remarkable past of the province. He appealed to them to raise awareness, to cut short with the divisions linked to individual interests, and rather walk together, towards sustainable development.

He gave them a lot of advice, to establish the principles of responsible and hardworking government. He urged them to unity and constructive solidarity, as has been their hobbyhorse, to get through the strong moments of the Burundian crisis, towards peace and security, and above all the salvation of their province. He took issue with leaders who do not serve their people properly. He warned them, telling them that trampling on the rights of their constituents, for their interests, can backfire. Thus, he recommended to the leaders in their services, to serve everyone without any exclusion, and to privilege the public interest.

With regard to the young people, the administrative officials were exhorted to their daily supervision, and to supervise the execution of their projects benefiting from the supports of the government. Addressing the participants, Mr. Ndirakobuca invited them to union, to overcome all divisions, to rise together as one man, towards development. Indeed, he said that had it not been for the union and solidarity, which characterized the natives of Cibitoke in the past, the image of the province would be quite different. Thus, the same behavior must guide them in the fight for development, he insisted. To achieve this, he recognized opportunities such as availability of fertile land, love of labor, and others. Reason why, nothing can prevent the province from producing a lot, to feed the economic capital of the country and become again the breadbasket of the country, but also to export towards the neighboring countries, to bring more currencies in the country.