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Reinforcement of the bridge and the drawing of the anti-erosion hedges by the first vice president of the senate


Feb 7, 2023

MWARO February 7th (ABP) – People of Mwaro province, particularly those of Kayokwe commune, are called upon to strengthen works of community interest, sources of development for the country and for households. That appeal was made to them by the first vice president of the Burundian senate, Dénise Ndadaye, on Saturday February 4 when she joined the people of the Muyebe and Kayokwe zones in the work to reinforce the bridge linking the two zones as well as the drawing of anti-erosion hedges on the Rusivya hill.

Mrs. Dénise Ndadaye positively appreciated the efforts made by the population of Kayokwe commune. She asked them to always move forward by building public infrastructures, such as bridges, schools and hospitals. These are the pillars of the country’s development, she said. She took the opportunity to invite the people to protect the environment. Once the latter is protected, the life of the people is secure. In order to facilitate the task of village notables, she appealed to the population of Mwaro to build village offices.

As for the members of the cooperatives, she asked them to increase production because the government loan they took out must be repaid. She advised them to work in synergy without any distinction because the cooperative belongs to all the natives of the villages. Mrs. Dénise Ndadaye called on the children of Mwaro province and those of Kayokwe commune in particular to love school because they are a source of prosperity for the country and for households. She invited parents to closely monitor the upbringing of their children so that they do not practice truancy.

The governor of the Mwaro province and his advisers, all the administrators and the provincial secretary of the ruling party, CNDD-FDD, were together with the first vice president of the senate in those community works.