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A bachelor runs an orphanage in Rutana commune


Jan 24, 2023

RUTANA January 24th (ABP) – A bachelor known by the name of Désiré Ndagijimana is hosting thirty-seven children in an orphanage he has named – Maison Iratabara –, located in the commune and province of Rutana.

In an interview he gave to a check in Rutana by ABP, Mr. Ndagijimana indicated that he started that charitable work of caring for the lives of the most vulnerable children since 2012, before adding that this house helps orphans and those whose parents are victims of mental illness.

Children aged six months to eight years with the aforementioned problems, like any other child, can benefit from care such as schooling and clothing once they find themselves in the Iratabara House, Mr. Ndagijimana said.

According to him, after seeing that most of the children who were orphaned at a younger age, become street children who are addicted to drugs, and later participate in robber gangs, he decided to help the community to give education to those who have not had the chance to have it from their parents.

It is for that reason that he decided to leave the business he practiced in Rutana province, to take care of the well-being of children with similar problems.

He said he started with four children who grew to thirty-seven. Thanks to Maison Iratabara, which provides schooling for its children, two have already completed post-basic school in the past school year. He said he plans to accompany them even to university, before adding that he provides help to children in need regardless of their origin, because all the children housed there come from six provinces of the country: Rutana, Ruyigi, Gitega, Mwaro, Rumonge and Bururi, he specified.

Mr. Ndagijimana thanked the governor of Rutana province and the provincial secretary of the ruling party, who continue to help him in that work which is not easy, and appealed to everyone to give their support in order to be able to help vulnerable families to integrate into the intellectual and developed society that Burundi aspires to.