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Prime Minister has assisted 200 vulnerable people of Murwi commune


Jan 18, 2023

CIBITOKE January 18th (ABP) – The Prime Minister of the Republic, Mr. Gervais Ndirakobuca, continues to provide food and non-food support to the vulnerable of Cibitoke province.

After the Bukinanyana commune last weekend, on Monday January 16, it was the turn of the Murwi commune, where he granted assistance consisting of rice, beans, sugar, a loincloth, two pairs of shoes (called yeboyebo) to each of the two hundred beneficiaries, from five zone of that commune. Among the latter, most were widowers of very advanced age, such as the case of a 105-year-old man by the name of Mathieu from Buhayira village and zone.

According to the delegate of the Prime Minister and adviser in charge of political and diplomatic affairs, and a native of Murwi commune, Hon. Isabelle Ndahayo, that aid was granted with the aim of supporting and comforting those people, who did not have the means to celebrate Christmas and Happy New Year like other citizens. She offered them best wishes and courage to emerge from vulnerability. Honorable Ndahayo called on the participants to local solidarity, to the love of labor, and to team up in cooperatives, by associating the vulnerable of their respective villages. To achieve this, she urged the people to raise small cattle, such as poultry, and especially rabbits, which do not require a lot of resources, and little by little everyone will be among the producers.

She took issue with the places known as ligalas, and the thefts, which are signs of laziness. She invited the inhabitants of that commune to properly manage the harvest for 2023 cropping season A, and recommended that they get well prepared for cropping season B. She did not forget to remind everyone to contribute in the quadrilogy, for the safeguard of peace and security, a pillar of sustainable development.