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The prime minister has assisted two hundred vulnerable people from Bukinanyana


Jan 17, 2023

CIBITOKE January 17th (ABP) – The Prime Minister of the Republic, Mr. Gervais Ndirakobuca, paid a visit on Saturday, January 14, to Bukinanyana commune in Cibitoke province, to provide food and non-food aid for 200 vulnerable, chosen from the five zones that make up that commune.

In his speech, whether in Mikoni of the Gahabura zone, or in Ndora, where respectively 110 vulnerable people from the Gahabura, Rusenda and Bumba zones, and 90 vulnerable people from the Ndora and Masango zones met, Mr. Ndirakobuca expressed the best wishes for the year 2023 to the participants in general, and to the vulnerable gathered to receive the aid in particular. Each vulnerable person received seven kilos of rice, seven kilos of beans, three kilos of sugar, a loincloth, two pairs of shoes and laundry soaps. He also specified that this category of people, who have nothing to put in their mouths during the end of year celebrations, should not be forgotten. He appealed to the administrative officials and other natives of the province to promote the spirit of solidarity and sharing in their respective places.

With regard to the participants, the Prime Minister invited them to the love of labor, and to the good management of the harvests, to prevent possible famine in the days to come. He specified that the government’s objective is to bring together all Burundians, towards a prosperous country, a country of milk and honey. To achieve this, he called on everyone to work, to fight against the places known as ligalas, and the phenomenon of wandering for some people, to harness the marshes and valleys of the Bukinanyana commune, in search of minerals. He thus urged illegal miners to join cooperatives recognized by law, for their safety. Also, for the safeguard of peace and security, he invited the inhabitants to inform the administration or the police in time, whenever they see any foreign thing. Note that in addition to that aid to the most vulnerable, Mr. Ndirakobuca granted balls and nets to the commune and the DCE Bukinanyana for sport and entertainment, but he also granted iron sheets, cement and concrete irons, to branches of Bitare and Kiruhura of his native parish of Gihango in the Ndora zone.