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ETS Kamenge, the mother of other technical schools in the country


Jan 11, 2023

BUJUMBURA January 11th (ABP) – Kamenge Secondary Technical School (ETS) is the mother of other technical schools in the country for being the first technical school to be established in Burundi. Most of the learners who have attended it manage to take charge of themselves through the fruition of the techniques learned at that school. This was said on Tuesday January 9, 2022, by the director of that school, Mr. Jean Bosco Nzitonda, during an interview he gave to a check by ABP.

                             ETS Kamenge Director

Mr. Nzitonda clarified that school activities for the 2nd term have been going well since January 2, 2023, despite the lack of teachers. The latter are 84 permanent teachers and 9 part-timers out of a total of 20,918 students. All those students are divided into 38 classrooms with 6 sections including industrial electricity, electronic electricity, telecommunications computing, maintenance computing, electronics and general mechanics.
Other challenges include the lack of necessary equipment in workshops for practical work. “Following this excess of students, we are forced to divide them into two groups during the practical work, so that all the students can put into practice the theories learned in class, he explained”. In addition, the teachers are obliged to work all day in the afternoons being intended for practical work. All these efforts are made so that the student who has attended ETS Kamenge manages to take charge of himself by practicing what he learned in class, Mr. Nzitonda pointed out.

He did not fail to point out the obsolescence of the pots. He took that opportunity to thank some of the winners of that school who have already donated 100 mattresses to that institution last year and other partners who have supported the school in another way.

Regarding the follow-up of the school regulations, he mentioned the dismissal of 4 students from that school early the 2nd term of this year, because those students disturbed the tranquility of others by putting herbs on the bed and they alerted the public that life in that school is dangerous. The school management committee took the decision to dismiss them definitively.

The director of ETS Kamenge took the opportunity to invite parents who have children in that school to give them advice so that they have a good upbringing.

He thus invited the students to work hard so that they can put to use the techniques learned in class. The average success rate during the first term of this school year was 80%, which demonstrates an effort made by teachers and students, he said with joy.

Note that ETS Kamenge has existed since 1949. It will celebrate its 75-year-old diamond jubilee on April 22, 2023.