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Young people are called on to team up to put their different knowledge to good use


Jan 3, 2023

BUBANZA January 3rd (ABP) – Members of the Association for Integral Development (ADI), whose head office is based in Musigati, Bubanza province, met last week to assess the achievements of their project “Mutual for Education for Integral Development” (MUTEDI) and discuss future prospects.

The chairman and legal representative of ADI, Mr. Dieudonné Nshimirimana, pointed out that this association has set itself the objective of implementing short-term profitable projects in the field of agriculture, in particular the promotion of crops such as maize, soybeans and sweet potatoes, in order to serve as a model for the surrounding people.

The deputy leader for the management committee of the MUTEDI financial group, Mr. Désiré Nduwimana, told a check by ABP that MUTEDI is functional thanks to the monthly contributions of the members and loans repayable with a low interest rate. “We have formed a family because we help each other during happy and painful moments”, he said with joy before asking the population in general and young people in particular to team up in cooperatives or associations in order to harness their different knowledge and skills, because, he said, Unity is Strength.

                                                                   Family picture of the participants

Regarding future prospects, Mr. Nduwimana pointed out that in the medium term, MUTEDI intends to move from a financial group to a microfinance, stressing that this will be possible thanks to the savings of its members. The Mutual for Education for Integral Development also intends to continue its environmental preservation project and integrate other members who show a desire to work with the founding members of the latter.

Thanks to their environmental preservation program, Mr. Nduwimana reported that they have already grown 500 bamboo plants on the banks of the Nyamugerera River in Musigati commune, in order to protect it.

The participants in the evaluation meeting were delighted with their achievements and expressed their satisfaction with regard to the social assistance and the granting of loans at a low interest rate to the internal members, in order to implement the income generating projects.

By way of illustration, Mr. Salvator Niyonzima, one of the members of that financial group, indicated that the advantages of MUTEDI are numerous. “I applied for a loan from MUTEDI and bought three goats. Now I have five cows from the production of these goats and I bought a plot in which I built a bar. The six employees I hired in this bar are well paid,” Mr. Niyonzima testified.

To that end, he called on young job seekers to form cooperatives or associations, in order to share the knowledge acquired, which will enable them to create jobs to develop.

It is worth noting that the members of the ADI meet on December 31 of each year for self-evaluation. The MUTEDI financial group has been approved by the ordinance issued by the Governor of the Bank of the Republic of Burundi (BRB) since 2021.