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Official launch of the new projects of the BMBC Company


Jan 3, 2023

BUJUMBURA January 2nd  (ABP) – The Building and Multi-Business Company (BMBC), in partnership with the BGF, officially launched, on Friday December 30, in Bujumbura, two new real estate projects which will be carried out in the Mirror district of the Buterere zone and in the Tenga district of the Rubirizi zone in Mutimbuzi commune.

According to the general manager of that company, Mr. Ntamakuriro David recalled that BMBC is a construction company that provides plans while building houses for sale. He indicated that BMC has already started its housing construction project in Gahahe of Mutimbuzi commune where several housing units have already been built. The BMBC Company wants to expand its field of work by including two projects, namely BMC Homes Tenga with the construction of more than 200 homes at a cost of 40 billion francs. There is also the BMBC Mirror I project with more than 24 homes at a cost of 7 billion francs, and the BMBC Mirror II project with more than 80 homes at a cost of 15 billion francs.

Mr. Ntamakuriro said that this company has plots for sale, the cheapest being at 45 million francs and houses for sale with a value ranging from 107 to 846 million francs. He also said that a person who has an empty plot can ask the BMBC Company to build him a house according to his means even in rural areas. He did not forget to point out that the company is in frank collaboration with the OBUHA in terms of the topography of the land and the development of the land to be built for the safety of the infrastructures.

According to the representative of the BGF bank, the latter facilitates the sale of houses and plots of BMBC by granting credits to those who need them. For Burundians living abroad, BGF has set up internet banking and BGF mobile to facilitate transactions.

Note that the BMBC Company is 10 years old.