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Medicinal plants play an important role in curing certain diseases


Dec 23, 2022

BUJUMBURA December 23rd (ABP) – Medicinal plants play an important role in the cure of certain diseases, as indicated by Mr. Asman Nduwayo in charge of marketing in the association “Source de la vie” during an interview he gave to a check by ABP on Wednesday, December 21, 2022.

It was on the occasion of the trade fair, organized by the sectoral chamber of arts and crafts of Burundi (CHASAA).

Mr. Nduwayo indicated that the members of that association manufacture and sell medicines derived from medicinal plants. He added that they have more than 200 medicines which completely cure several diseases. He pointed out that this job generates income, which has allowed the members of “Source of Life” to find food and housing and pay school fees for their children. The other advantage is that they can treat their family members themselves.

As challenges, the association experiences the difficulty of finding bottles to preserve their products. They ask the government to reopen the VERUNDI company to have their products packaged locally, stressing that now they use imported bottles.

He also indicated that 99% of the beneficiaries of that association are young people. The association is 10 years old and made up of 15 members at the time when others of them left the association and went to create their own associations.

Moreover, he explained that the knowledge of the manufacture of those drugs is inherited from the ancestors.