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Several bags of Sosumo sugar and imbura-type FOMI fertilizers have been seized in Makebuko


Dec 22, 2022

GITEGA December 22nd (ABP) – The provincial police station of Gitega seized in the morning of Wednesday, December 21, 2022, several bags of sugar and agricultural inputs and other military objects in a household of a policeman named Thérence Vyankandondera, in the Mwaro-Mavuvu village of the Makebuke zone and commune in Gitega province (center of the country), a check by ABP revealed.

In the presence of the provincial commissioner of Gitega, police colonel, Evariste Habogorimana, the police carried out a search in the household of a policeman by the name of Thérence Vyankandondera, following information provided by the people.

The police found there 53 bags of Sosumo sugar, 81 bags of imbura-type FOMI fertilizer, 6 pairs of boots, 3 police pants for the civil protection unit, a pair of police uniforms, two police belts for the Special Criminal Investigation Police (PSR) unit with 4 sheaths, a national defense force bag, a police bag, a Congolese jacket, a police water bottle, a police belt and sheath, police waterproof pants and a motorcycle brand TVS 110 EA 7585, without documents.

The administrator of Makebuko commune, Mrs. Yvette Kanyamuneza, strongly condemned that bad behavior linked to fraud. She warmly thanked the people who provided information and called on them to always report to the administration whenever they see questionable things.

It should be noted that the wife of that policeman, Mrs. Edissa Nijimbere, was arrested for investigation reasons.