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Evaluation of the implementation of the national strategy to combat GBV


Dec 21, 2022

GITEGA December 21st (ABP) – The provincial directorate in charge of family and social development in Gitega (center of the country), organized on Monday, December 19, 2022, a coordination meeting of actors in the fight against sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) to assess the implementation of the national strategy to combat SGBV.

In his presentation, the head of that directorate, Mrs. Emma Nkeshimana, said that sexual dissatisfaction, masculinity and socialization to violence are the root causes of sexual and gender-based violence in Gitega. She also added ignorance, war, impunity, poverty, wickedness, alcohol, narcotics, revenge, obscurantist beliefs, the crisis of values, the degradation of mores, to name but a few.

Mrs. Nkeshimana also indicated that in Gitega, the communes most affected by gender-based violence are respectively Gitega, Mutaho, Bugendana, Gishubi and Mutaho. But, she explained, the cases of those types of violence continue to decrease compared to previous years. To that end, she pointed out that the statistics of people who experienced this violence from 2016 to 2021 are respectively 1,405, 2,666, 2,495, 2,153, 2,030 and 1,629 and that those crimes sometimes begin to get worse for people in age between 26 and 30.

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For the year 2022, Mrs. Nkeshimana said the figures are lower than the latter, even if they await approval to publish them. She specified that the most observed types and forms of GBV are economic, sexual, physical, psychological and moral. On the economic side, she pointed out that there are often conflicts related to the collection of the full salary of the spouse against her will, the refusal of joint harvest management, prohibiting the spouse from working or denigrating her work, controlling the expenses and income of his partner without her agreement, deprivation of resources and property, to name but a few.

On the psychological and moral side, the person in charge of the provincial directorate of the family and social development indicated that they observe the behavior to devalue the other by contemptuous attitudes and remarks, humiliation or blackmail, at the moment when on the side of sexual violence, there are often rapes, fondling, sexual harassment, forced pornography, insults about sex, forced marriage and others.

Note that the ministry in charge of gender strongly encouraged the actors in the fight against sexual and gender-based violence in Gitega and called on them to always work in synergy to effectively reduce the cases of violence.