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People are called on to respect the decisions taken by the courts


Dec 21, 2022

MWARO December 21st (ABP) – The governor of Mwaro province, Gaspard Gasanzwe, urges people to respect the decisions taken by the courts and to put an end to the behavior of always going to court, instead of going about development work. He said this during a trip he made to Gatare village in Gisozi commune, accompanied by the president of the high court, the prosecutor and the head of the intelligence service in Mwaro.

The purpose of the trip was to resolve a dispute over Justin Mwari’s land property. The latter had spoken to the Prime Minister that instead of putting him within his rights, he was treated with injustice. He also accused the administrator of Gisozi commune that he is unfair.

During the trip, he was recommended to respect the decisions taken by the Gisozi residence court as the letter from the Minister of Justice stipulates. It should be noted that Mr. Justin Mwari had addressed his concerns to the Prime Minister of Burundi on December 3, 2022, during a visit he made to that province.

After the trip made to Gatare village, Governor Gasanzwe visited the High Court, where he found that 60% of the people who come to request the hearing are women. That information is also affirmed by the President of the High Court, Mr. Thomas Ntukamazina.