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Towards the active fight against gender-based violence


Dec 19, 2022

RUYIGI December 19th (ABP) – The governor of Ruyigi province, Mrs. Emerencienne Tabu, calls on people to stand up as one man and denounce, without tolerance, the perpetrators of gender-based violence.

That appeal was launched after the assessment of the state of play of this fight, in Ruyigi, during this year and the determination of the prospects for 2023.

NGOs working in that area are called upon to better plan their action and extend their activities throughout the province.

The provincial director of family and social development in Ruyigi, Mr. Dominique Havyarimana, made known the main forms of violence that occur in that province. In order of frequency, he cited socio-economic violence, followed by psychological violence. physical violence comes in third position and finally sexual violence. Mr. Havyarimana also showed the challenges that must be met in the year 2023 to remedy the current situation. He cited, among other things, families with no peaceful cohabitation, illegal couples and historical family conflicts including the members operating a kind of endless vendetta. To all those challenges, that authority proposed permanent and inclusive dialogue for the respect and good of all members.

The governor of Ruyigi also proposed to all the inhabitants of Ruyigi to denounce and definitively uproot all cases of violence in the community. She castigated the behavior of some local administrative officials, who sometimes tried to hide cases of gender-based violence. She also deplored that this violence is also directed towards males, contrary to the traditional belief that this kind of violence only affects females.

Those two authorities ask NGOs working in that field to share all the pieces of information on each stage of their activities and to extend their actions to all the communes of that province.