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Mobilization in the fight against gender-based violence


Dec 4, 2022

KARUSI December 3rd (ABP) – The Vice-President of the Republic Mr. Prosper Bazombanza proceeded on Tuesday, November 29, 2022, at the Buhiga stadium in Karusi province, to the official launch of the 16-day campaign of activism against the violence against women and girls, 2022 edition, under the theme “Together, let’s work for a world without gender-based violence”.

                                                                  View of the ceremony participants

Mr. Bazombanza pointed out in his speech that not all men and boys are perpetrators of gender-based violence. Isolated cases of men and boys engaged in that marginal behavior, he added. All those responsible are called upon to mobilize against that crime, insisted the Vice-President of the Republic.

The Minister of National Solidarity, Social Affairs, Human Rights and Gender, Mrs. Imelde Sabushimike announced that the government of Burundi is engaged in a relentless fight against GBV and that a law relating to it is in force. She asked that it be rigorously applied and that the victims come out of their silence to denounce any perpetrator.

In turn, Mr. Damien Mama, resident coordinator of the United Nations organizations in Burundi promised firm support to associations and other organizations campaigning for equality and equity in general and for the fight against GBV in particular. He also congratulated the government and religious denominations on the actions carried out and those in progress against GBV.

In her welcoming remarks, Mrs. Dévote Nizigiyimana, governor of Karusi province indicated that her province recorded many cases of gender-based violence from July 2021 to June 2022. She cited cases of rape, violence physical, psychological and economic violence, illegal marriages and others. She, however, reported that cases have been opened in court, some have already been closed and others are pending. She encouraged local associations against GBV and wished them to move forward in their sustained interventions.

Note that the ceremonies ended with the granting of certificates to women who have distinguished themselves the most in the protection of human rights in general and of women and girls in particular.