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People are invited not to waste production during the end-of-year celebrations


Dec 19, 2022

KAYANZA December 16th (ABP) – The governor of Kayanza (north), Col. Rémy Cishahayo, accompanied by the heads of provincial services, visited Muruta commune on Wednesday, December 14, 2022. On that occasion, the administrator of Muruta, Mr. Audace Hacimana, let it be known that the people are at work and that the greenery predicts good production despite the delay in sowing during the A 2022 growing season.

He deplored, however, the case of a person brutally murdered in recent days in the plantations of OTB Rwegura as well as a chimpanzee killed at Mpfunda hill.

In turn, Governor Cishahayo affirmed that he started those trips in the communes in order to listen to the grievances of the people. The concerns submitted to him are generally related to family and land disputes as well as those relating to the settling of scores.

In his advice to the inhabitants of Kayanza, he insisted a lot on the approaching end-of-year celebrations. He indicated that the belly always claims to eat even after the festivals, but it is necessary for people to know how to manage their production. In addition, he called on his people to remain vigilant so that security is guaranteed during the holding of those end-of-year celebrations.