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Land disputes and misunderstandings in households are the main causes of insecurity in Kirundo


Dec 14, 2022

KIRUNDO October 14th (ABP) – The governor of Kirundo province (north of Burundi), Mr. Albert Hatungimana, held on Wednesday October 5, 2022 in the headquarters of the province, a security meeting for the heads of district and provincial services with a view to discussing the security and development of the province.

                                                                                                 View of the participants

He indicated that, according to the reports provided by the communes, the causes of insecurity in Kirundo province are land disputes and misunderstandings in households, and to this is added the non-respect for court decisions. He thus underlined that the High Court registers more than 130 cases not yet settled. Regarding the environment, Governor Hatungimana said that there are still people who continue to use prohibited fishing equipment in Lake Rweru, which threatens the living beings there.

In the environmental sector, he indicated that a deadline of two months had been set to complete the drawing of the contour lines very close to all the lakes in order to separate the no man’s lands and the arable land, adding that there are plans to reforest those no man’s lands by November.

The governor also pointed out that he invited all heads of services to remind them of their terms of reference and urge them to collaborate with other services with a view to honoring their commitments, while specifying that anyone who dares handicap the services of the State will be suspended.