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The World Volunteer Day has been celebrated


Dec 9, 2022

BUJUMBURA/ CANKUZO December 7th (ABP) – The Burundi Red Cross celebrated, on Monday, December 5, 2022, World Volunteer Day, celebrated every year since 1985.

In Bujumbura city, the celebration of this day was marked by the planting of trees on the banks of the Gikoma river, located in Carama, Kinama zone of the urban commune of Ntahangwa.

                               In the foreground, from right to left, Mr. Anselme Katiyunguruza and Ferdinand Birahanyi

The President of the Red Cross in Burundi, Mrs. Christine Ntahe said that this day was set up by the United Nations, with the aim of promoting volunteers who give themselves every day to prevent and manage natural disasters.

She thus pointed out that among the programs that are part of the 2022-2026 strategic plan, there are activities for the prevention and management of disaster risks, and that these activities are being carried out throughout the national territory, she announced.

According to Mrs. Ntahe, as the Burundi Red Cross, its auxiliary to the public authorities is to invite their volunteers to work for the good of the community and by planting trees as the national reforestation program “Ewe Burundi urambaye” wishes.

In Cankuzo province, the celebration of the International Day of Volunteers was characterized by the gesture of solidarity and the planting of tree seedlings in Mishiha commune.

In his speech, the Secretary General of the Burundi Red Cross, Mr. Anselme Katiyunguruza indicated that their concern is the support of the vulnerable. Humanitarian works carried out and were devoted to the plowing of the field of a vulnerable Scholastique Rurankiriza living in the Musemo village to manifest the gesture of solidarity.

On that occasion, Mr. Katiyunguruza officially launched the campaign to plant six million tree seedlings, as part of the support for the government’s reforestation project.

He also indicated that it is with the aim of responding to the call of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, Africa region to protect the environment.

Thus, the volunteers, guided by their representatives, participated in the planting of agro-forestry trees composed of calendar and maesopsis, in the sectors of the Mugera village people, as well as eucalyptus forest trees on the Nyentamba Mountain of the same village.

Mr. Katiyunguruza challenged them to the fight against bush fires in order to deal with climate change.

The adviser to the office of the governor of Cankuzo province in charge of development, Mr. Ferdinand Birahanyi presented his thanks for the participation of volunteers in environmental protection and development.

Mr. Birahanyi further requested these volunteers and the general population to practice rearing at least one rabbit for each household for self-development.