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Launch of the coffee tree spraying campaign


Dec 9, 2022

BUJUMBURA/ MWARO December 7th  (ABP) – The Provincial Office of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock (BPEAE), in collaboration with the Governor’s office, proceeded on Monday, December 5, 2022, to the official launch of the provincial campaign of spraying, mulching and planting coffee seedlings.

In Bujumbura province (western Burundi), a demonstration session was held at Masama village in Kabezi commune.

In his welcoming speech, the administrator of the Kabezi commune, Mrs. Espérance Habonimana indicated that the coffee fields exist in Kabezi, even if some are no longer maintained. She pointed out that the coffee growers of this locality are asking for the availability of chemical fertilizers as before.

According to her, the Kabezi commune will lead by example by setting up a model field of coffee trees. It is in this perspective that she asked the agricultural monitors to show the people how to plant coffee trees, adding that those who need coffee plants only have to contact the communal agronomist.

The director of BPEAE Mr. Daniel Mazarahisha urged farmers to devote themselves more to that crop, calling on them to begin treatment of coffee antharcunosis as soon as possible, while explaining that this disease is present in Bujumbura province, poses a threat to coffee production.

                                                                             Pesticide spraying demonstration session

Regarding the complaints of lack of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, Mr. Mazarahisha said that they are known and that the Office of Coffee Development (ODECA) will find solutions. He warned those who no longer maintain the coffee trees, they will be punished in the same way as those who uproot them.

The adviser in charge of development in the cabinet of the governor Mr. Ezéchiel Mpongera urged the population to cultivate coffee trees so that the country has the currencies it needs. Note that coffee growers are asking the State to raise the price of a kilogram of coffee and that will revive the enthusiasm they had before.

In Mwaro province, the official launch of the campaign of spraying, fertilizing and planting new coffee plants took place in Kanka village, Kanka zone of Bisoro commune, by the director of the provincial environment office, Agriculture and Livestock Mr. Libert Nzokirantevye, accompanied by the Governor’s Advisor in charge of Development.

Mr. Nzokirantevye called on the people of Bisoro commune to intensify coffee cultivation by extending and maintaining the orchards, as it remains the main cash crop.

He added that the spraying of pesticides for that campaign consists in the fight against coffee anthracunosis, a disease which decreases the yield. According to the director of BPEAE Mwaro, pesticides are free for coffee growers and it is forbidden to smoke, drink or eat at the time of spraying. After the activity, he advised, it is best to wash your hands with clean water and soap.

The governor’s adviser Mr. Jerôme Ndayishimiye reminded the population of the Bisoro commune that the cultivation of coffee always brings in foreign currency. The latter are used for the purchase of pesticides, the construction of roads and others. He also called on the administration and the agricultural monitors to make synergy, so that the country has a better yield of coffee.