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Briefing of the minister in charge of cooperation and the diplomatic corps accredited to Burundi


Dec 9, 2022

BUJUMBURA December 8th   (ABP) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation Mr. Albert Shingiro organized on Tuesday, December 6, 2022 in Bujumbura, a briefing for the entire Diplomatic Corps accredited in Burundi.

Mr. Shingiro indicated that it is an opportunity for the diplomatic corps to know the situation prevailing in Burundi in terms of cooperation. It is also an opportunity for broad focus, with a view to improving the outcome of their joint efforts for a strong and mutually beneficial partnership that they have agreed to achieve, he said. It is also a time to share with the diplomatic corps accredited in Burundi, the government’s priorities in the current context, marked by the aftermath of Covid-19 and the conflict situation in Ukraine.

To that end, Minister Shingiro shared with the diplomatic corps some major aspects of the diplomatic actions carried out by Burundi, highlighting his thanks and welcoming the marks of solidarity, which Burundi has been subject to during the difficult periods of its recent political history.

                                              View of members of the diplomatic corps accredited to Burundi

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation also pointed out that the time to build an effectively reconciled nation has arrived, at a time when Burundi is currently capitalizing on the hard-won peace. He stressed that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) is at work to help Burundians and the international community to better understand the tragic and painful past that Burundi has experienced. He added that the final conclusions of the TRC will enable the people to discover the past of Burundi with a view to repairing broken hearts, healing the still gaping wounds, guaranteeing recognition to the victims, rewriting the history of the country which has always been deliberately distorted and truncated, strengthen the memorial dimension, break the infernal cycle of violence and finally reconcile, said Mr. Shingiro.

He also indicated that Burundi has regained its rightful place in the concert of nations, and that Burundi’s return to the regional and international scene is the pride of an entire people.

As for diplomatic actions, Minister Shingiro showed some achievements including the signing of the development cooperation plan between Burundi and the United Nations, the dialogue with the EU which resulted in the lifting of sanctions against certain Burundian authorities, as well as the accompaniment of Burundi in several development programs of the country. He also indicated that he is delighted with the support of the EU in various sectors, particularly in the sectors of agriculture, infrastructure, trade, gender, energy and governance.

Thus, among the actions carried out is also the signing of a cooperation agreement between Burundi and Indonesia on visa exemption for holders of diplomatic and service passports, he said. According to him, Burundi presides over the East African community and plays the role it deserves in the search for peace and stability in the East of the DRC, in particular through the Nairobi process. Note that the principle of meeting the diplomatic corps accredited in Burundi must be done twice a year.