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The Prime Minister received in audience the AfDB Country Manager in Burundi and the Italian Ambassador to Burundi


Dec 9, 2022

Ndirakobuca received in audience on Saturday, December 3, 2022 the country manager of the African Development Bank (AfDB), Mr. Pascal Yembiline.

At the end of the audience, the latter indicated that he had come to inform him of the progress of the programs that this bank is currently running in Burundi. He indicated that they had exchanged on the projects of installation of the basic infrastructures. Those are the construction of the Bugarama-Rumonge section, the construction of the railway which will link Burundi, Tanzania and the DRC as well as the rehabilitation of the port. Mr. Yembiline added that besides these infrastructures, the ADB supports in the fields of the production of electrical energy and vocational training.

He also pointed out that besides its areas of predilection, the AfDB will support other sectors of activity over the next three years.

                                          The Prime Minister received in audience the Italian Ambassador to Burundi

In that regard, the ADB in collaboration with BANCOBU will vouch for Burundian businessmen who want to import machinery to boost the agricultural sector. The bank will also support the availability of agricultural fertilizers.

Mr. Yembiline thanked the government of Burundi for the support it gives to the AfDB. This through the various initiatives that are subject to the approval of the representative of Burundi on the Board of Directors of the AfDB. He did not fail to commend the government’s support for the AfDB’s missions and work in Burundi.

The Prime Minister also received Mr. Massimiliano Mazzanti, Italian Ambassador to Burundi whose headquarters are in Kampala, Uganda. Mr. Mazzanti indicated that he had the opportunity to congratulate the Prime Minister, hailing Burundi’s contribution to regional stability and the mediation efforts to resolve the conflicts in the DRC, efforts that he considered very important when Burundi currently holds the presidency of the EAC. Mr. Mazzanti noted that the role of Burundi is increasingly growing for stability and economic development in the region. He also said that the exchanges concerned bilateral cooperation between the two countries. On that, he indicated that Italy supports agriculture through the expansion of tomato cultivation, with the aim of satisfying internal consumption and transforming this crop for export.

In the sector of livestock, he indicated his contribution in the production of pork. In the medical sector, he informed that a delegation of Italian cardiologists is on site to initiate the training of Burundian doctors in that sector. Training that will be provided in Sudan. Still in the medical sector, Mr. Mazzanti added that Italy intends to support the public and mental health sectors.