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Conviction of a fraudulent trade


Nov 10, 2022

RUTANA November 9th (ABP) – A sentence of 7 years of penal servitude and a fine of one million Burundian francs for an offense of harm to the national economy, and that of 2 years of preventive detention, with a fine of one hundred thousand Burundian francs for complicity in an offence, are penalties that the High Court of Rutana imposed respectively on a trader from Bukemba, Mr. Ntibankunda Désiré, and a driver, named Ndikumana Fabrice, on Friday, November 4 2022.

That trader from Bukemba commune Mr. Désiré Ntibankunda was apprehended with four tons, six hundred and thirty-five kilos of beans that he was going to sell in Tanzania, when he had already crossed the Burundian-Tanzanian border. As for Fabrice Ndikumana, driver of the Moso sugar company (SOSUMO), he helped him to transport these goods with the vehicle of the said company. The two Burundians were sentenced to pay one million five hundred thousand Burundian francs for damages when Ndikumana Fabrice, driver at the Moso sugar company (SOSUMO) who transported these goods in a vehicle of that company, receives a sentence of 3 and a half years of constraint per body. Note that the bean seized was made available to the State, and the vehicle was handed over to SOSUMO.