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82 pupils will benefit from training at the trade school of the BENAA foundation


Oct 28, 2022

RUTANA October 28th (ABP) – 82 pupils from all the communes of Rutana province, as well as neighboring provinces will benefit from training at the trade school of the BENAA foundation, located in the headquarters of Rutana province.

During the back-to-school ceremonies at that school, the director general of the BENAA foundation, Mr. Ali Hajib Nasser called on the students of this school to take advantage of that chance they had, since this training is free, when it pays off for other schools.

The technical director of that school Mr. Harid Ndarugendanye, in his word of the day, indicated that the BENAA foundation has chosen to support the State in its project to teach trades, especially to students who have not had chance of succeeding in the national competition for the 9th year.

He expressed his wish that the learners of that school would be able to create their own jobs after completing their studies at that school. It is for that reason that, according to him, those pupils should continue that training until its end, but also, they should focus on knowledge and not on the certificates that will be issued to them.

The pupils who took the floor thanked that foundation which gave them a second chance of success in life, after a failure in basic education. Mizero Aboubakar, a learner in the carpentry section is grateful that not only is schooling free at that school, but also accommodation is free. “We would like to thank the BENAA foundation, which supports us by providing us with free accommodation and food throughout the duration of the training,” admitted Miss Péline Nizigama from the sewing section.

Note that this school dates from 2017 and that it has 4 sections, namely sewing, welding, carpentry and office operator. Mr. Ndarugendanye called on everyone who knows a young person who is not studying, to invite him to come and learn the trade, because it will help to change their living conditions and it will allow them to contribute to the development of the country.