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Bean fraud to Rwanda has become commonplace in Kabarore commune


Oct 22, 2022

KAYANZA October 22nd (ABP) – Bean fraud has become commonplace in Kabarore commune of Kayanza province (north). After the seizure of more than a ton of beans last week, 180 kilos of beans in transit to Rwanda were seized on Tuesday, October 18, in Manga village. In order to deal with this situation, the administration and the police have fixed the quantity of products that Kabarore traders who obtain their supplies from Kayanza must not exceed, according to the communal police commissioner in Kabarore.

Those 180 kilograms of beans in transit to Rwanda were seized precisely in Manga village of Kabarore commune. Afraid of being caught, the fraudsters threw all that quantity of beans on the ground and fled to Rwanda by crossing the Kanyaru River which serves as the border between Burundi and Rwanda, the communal police commissioner in Kabarore, Major Police Eric Bigirimana, told a check by ABP.

The seizure of those 180 kilos of beans happens at a time when 1, 300 kg of beans were seized last week on the Nyamisagara and Gisagara villages in the same commune.

However, the communal administration of Kabarore and the police are trying to do their best to block the road to fraudsters. The most recent example is that of a meeting co-chaired on Monday of the current week by the provincial police commissioner in Kayanza and the permanent executive secretary of Kabarore commune.

That meeting was organized for all the leaders of the zones of Kabarore, all the leaders of the villages, the village focal point police officers as well as representatives of small traders. At the end of the meeting, various measures were adopted in order to eradicate the fraud taking place on the Burundian-Rwandan border. It was recommended to make a list of traders operating in the food shops and transmitting it to the communal administration, and to do all the best for the traders of Kabarore to get their supplies of goods from the headquarters of the Kayanza province once a week, i.e., Tuesday.

In addition, no trader in that commune is authorized to exceed 50 kilos of beans, 50 kilos of rice and 20 kilos of palm oil. In short, all this will be done subject to an authorization signed by the communal administrator.