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Provincial celebration of the International Day of Rural Women


Oct 25, 2022

KAYANZA October 25th (ABP) – The chief of staff of the governor of Kayanza (north), in the company of the heads of provincial services and communal administrators, enhanced with his presence the celebration ceremonies of the international day of rural women.

Commonly celebrated on October 15 each year, this day was celebrated this year under the theme: “Rural woman center of fair food for all”. At the provincial level of Kayanza, the ceremonies of the day took place in the capital of Muruta commune and were marked by dances and songs that praise rural women, we noted on the spot.

In his occasional speech, the chief of staff of the governor of Kayanza, Mr. Vianney Ndikumana, went back a lot on the genesis of the beginning of the celebration of the international day of rural women. In his advice to participants, he made it clear that development is a long way off as long as the birth rate remains as it is today. Thus, he urged rural women to take charge of the issue of responsible reproduction, especially by giving birth to children whose needs couples are able to provide. Shortly before, the coordinator of the family and community development center in Kayanza, Mrs. Célénie Ndayisaba, testified that the rural women of Kayanza have taken the lead in joining cooperatives and self-development associations even if there are still work to be done.

Among the problems facing rural women in Kayanza, she cited the violence of different kinds of which they are often victims, early pregnancies in schools, cohabitation, begging, and others. To overcome all these challenges, Mrs. Ndayisaba called on everyone to support rural women in order to achieve the vision of the Head of State who says that “every mouth must have something to eat and every pocket of the money”. She asked men to support their wives, especially in household chores and to involve them in the management of family assets in order to avoid wastage of production at the markets.