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Thirty vulnerable families have been assisted with food and non-food items


Oct 17, 2022

CIBITOKE October 17th (ABP) – Thirty vulnerable families were assisted on Saturday, October 15, by the Minister in charge of Solidarity, Mrs. Imelde Sabushimike, in Rukana village, Rugombo commune in Cibitoke province.

These are 18 Batwa families, and 12 others, who each benefited from 10 kilograms of rice; five kilos of beans; a tarp; clothes and shoes. According to information sources on site, the Minister said that she had come to inquire about the situation of the latter, which circulated on social media. Thus, the Minister acknowledged the need for those Batwa families and their neighbors to have their houses covered and arable land.

She promised them to contribute, in collaboration with the local authority, to remedy the issues that haunt that community. Beneficiaries said they were satisfied with the aid, which comes at just the right time, with the harshness of the climate, which persists.