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Meeting of natives of Cibitoke province


Oct 27, 2022

CIBITOKE October 25th (ABP) – Under the aegis of the governor of Cibitoke province, Col. Pol. Lent Bizoza, a meeting of the natives took place on Sunday, October 23, enhanced by the presence of the Prime Minister of Burundi, Lt. Gnl. Pol. Gervais Ndirakobuca, himself a native of the province. The purpose of that meeting was to discuss the achievements and prospects for 2022-2023, and strategies for the development of the province, said the governor.

In his speech, Mr. Ndirakobuca encouraged communal administrators for the progress of their activities with the program budget, and urged them to continue at the same pace, to complete what has been planned, before starting others. After his appointment as Prime Minister, he asked for the support of the natives of his province, through prayer and love of work, each in his sector.

To advance their province, the Prime Minister invited the natives to collaborate and walk together in development, putting aside all the divisions of sectors. He gave them advice to subscribe to unity, and give back to the province the place of yesterday, to be the granary of the country, and of the capital Bujumbura, with the new administrative division. To achieve that, he took issue with fraudulent loincloths from the DR Congo, narcotics and gold ores.

For education, Mr. Ndirakobuca spoke about the lack of teachers and desks, which are a problem in several schools. He asked the DPE Cibitoke to properly manage the human resources available, to remedy the difficulties of establishments with few teachers. Concerning the problem of desk benches, he referred the communal administrators to that of Bukinanyana, who was able to have more than 1,400 desk benches made with the wooden support, which he obtained from the Ministry in charge of the environment.

Reacting to the anarchic electricity connections, he left for the population, and urged the head of the REGIDESO post to draw up the estimate and submit it to the population, with the share due to each, in order to achieve light up your house.

Many questions and suggestions were asked for the province’s sustainable development strategies. The Prime Minister and the Governor reacted for answers and clarifications. The Head of Government said that corruption on public roads will soon end with the advancement of technology, while the Governor announced the reopening of all crossings between Cibitoke province and the DRC, from Monday October 24, 2022.