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The Bakenyererarugamba at work to help the sick and the destitute


Oct 17, 2022

CANKUZO October 17th (ABP) – The chairperson of the women’s league in the CNDD-FDD party at the national level, Mrs. Goreth Yamuremye, along with the Bakenyererarugamba (women activists) of Cankuzo province, proceeded on Saturday October 15, 2022, to the handing over of the house built for the Léonidas Hakizimana family, vulnerable from Muganza village in Gisagara commune, and the assistance of patients bedridden at Murore hospital.

The women of the ruling party in Cankuzo province showed joy at the time of granting beans, sugar, soaps, juice and biscuits to patients bedridden in the hospital.

They also proceeded to paying the bills of 17 most vulnerable patients, all bedridden at the Murore hospital in the same commune, an activity carried out under the aegis of the chairperson of the women’s league of the ruling party at the national level.

Mrs. Yamuremye said in her speech that such acts support the development program established by the President of the Republic and called on them to continue with that spirit of love and solidarity.

As for Valérie Serushahu, chairperson of the Bakenyererarugamba in that province and Melchiade Ntahondereye, deputy secretary of the party in the same province, they thanked the authority of the party at the national level for having promised to grant the iron sheets and reiterated their commitment to build other houses to the poorest.

In turn, Mrs. Yamuremye called on those women to take extra care and maintain a balanced diet for the good health of families, as recommended by the first lady of the country, Mrs. Angeline Ndayishimiye.

She also urged all of them to join cooperatives in order to no longer reach out to their husbands for simple needs and to respect their husbands who, in turn, must love them.