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Burundian media are called on to sufficiently popularize the “Isôko” internet portal


Oct 16, 2022

GITEGA October 17th (ABP) – The assistant to the Minister in charge of the Public Service, Mr. Déo Ruberintwari, proceeded, on Wednesday, October 12, 2022, to the opening of a media workshop to popularize the internet portal of access to information on administrative procedures “ISÔKO”, organized by the Ministry of Public Service, Labor and Employment in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program “UNDP”, for journalists and heads of human resources in all ministries.

In his opening speech, Mr. Ruberintwari said that this ministry has set up the “ISÔKO” platform which brings together more than 100 administrative procedures put online in order to facilitate the population to access the various information from public institutions. To that end, he pointed out that this portal is accessible in Kirundi, in French and in English on, among other things, computer, tablet and Smartphone and will allow Internet users to find the necessary information before going to the place of obtaining services.

The assistant minister said that it is important that this tool be known to the public so that it is profitable and that access to information on the services provided to the population by public administrations is easy. Thus, he pointed out that this portal will allow the population to access the request forms for documents commonly used and sought in the administration, the physical and electronic address, the telephone number or the contact person without moving, but also to avoid back and forth movements and the related additional costs, he added.

Mr. Ruberintwari warmly thanked the United Nations Development Program “UNDP”, which continues to support the Ministry in charge of the Public Service in the effective implementation of the National Program for the Reform of the Administration “PNRA”.

That national program aims to strengthen the leadership and planning capacity of the State. It also aims to improve the principles of management of public officials around the values ​​of equity, transparency and performance, to put the performance of public administration at the service of citizens and to create the conditions for the development of Information Technologies. Information and Communication in the administration.

It is in that prerogative that the PNRA has proposed priority actions to be carried out. These include the experimentation and generalization of a provincial One-Stop Shop for administrative formalities to reduce costly travel for citizens who come to Bujumbura to collect administrative documents such as Passport, laissez-passer, CEPGL Card, the driver’s license, the Criminal Record Extract, the Title Deeds which were, in the past, only sought and issued in Bujumbura. The ISÔKO portal also contains a list of questions frequently asked by citizens as well as a glossary of administration terms, offices of the Burundi Revenue Authority, with their addresses as well as the list of provincial One-Stop Shops and their addresses. It worth noting that the Ministry of the Public Service wants the governance of the ISÔKO portal to remain up-to-date, precise and reliable in order to guide the standardization of administration. It will be managed by a working group made up of focal points from each ministry. They will meet once a month to report any changes.