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Young people of Gitega province are called on to always be good supporters of peace


Oct 22, 2022

GITEGA October 22nd (ABP) – The Ministry of National Solidarity, Social Affairs, Human Rights and Gender, in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program “UNDP”, organized on Tuesday, October 19, 2022 in the headquarters of Gitega province (Center of the country), a day of discussion on human rights for young people affiliated and not affiliated with political parties in Gitega province. This was part of the celebration of the International Peace Day, 2022 edition.

In her occasional speech, the assistant to the minister in charge of human rights, Mrs. Tantine Ncutinamagara, said that the International Peace Day is celebrated on September 21 of each year. She noted that this year’s theme is: “End Racism, build peace”.

The Minister’s assistant called on those young people to keep peace and tighten security, to be good supporters of peace and to avoid following anyone who may use them in despicable acts.

                                                                                                View of the participants

Based on this, Mrs. Tantine Ncutinamagara reminded those young people that peace is an essential condition for development between communities. To that end, she pointed out that the government of Burundi is always concerned about national security so that the people can quietly go about its development work.

The participants in that workshop, particularly those of the Batwa ethnic group, after having followed the presentations of the day, hoped that this category of Burundians could be treated in the same way as the other categories. Mrs. Christine Ntunzwenimana, executive at the ministry in charge of human rights, called on them to stop underestimating themselves and to team up in cooperatives to benefit certain advantages from the government of Burundi.

Note that those young people wanted those sessions to be multiplied so that many of them could have notions of human rights.