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Users of remunerated transport vehicles are called upon to respect the rate known by law


Sep 21, 2022

RUMONGE September 19th (ABP) – After noting that some passenger carriers on the Bujumbura-Rumonge Road demand high transport costs from passengers, the governor of Rumonge province, Comforter Nitunga gathered on Friday morning September 16 the carriers to remind them of the rate known by law.

As Mr. Nitunga pointed out, the users of remunerated transport vehicles operating on the Bujumbura-Rumonge section set the price of the ticket that does not comply with the law. He deplored that the latter confirm that this price is known at the level of the provincial administration and thus warned the latter, specifying that they will be punished.

The governor of the province therefore reminded the carriers present at the meeting of the tariff which was fixed by the State and which must be respected for the transport of passengers using the Bujumbura-Rumonge Road.

Thus, for passengers traveling from Bujumbura to Gitaza, the ticket price has been set at 2500 BIF, for those going to Magara from Bujumbura, the ticket price is 4000 BIF, from Bujumbura to Minago, the passenger must pay 4500 BIF while those heading for the headquarters of Rumonge province from Bujumbura must pay the ticket of 6000 BIF.

Drivers of remunerated transport vehicles of the probox type commonly called “Express” have made it known that they will work in deficit if they comply with this tariff. They explained that the number of passengers traveling on board these types of vehicles cannot exceed four people, each of whom must pay 10,000 BIF for the transport ticket in order to recover the money spent on the purchase of fuel.

The governor of the province Rumonge Nitunga told them that no tariff should be respected apart from that which is known by law. He closed by warning violators and urging passengers to notify the administration when they see carriers breaking the law.