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The members of the APROPABU association are satisfied with the achievements already made


Oct 9, 2022

RUMONGE October 9th (ABP) – Palm growers grouped within the association for the promotion of palm growers in Burundi (APROPABU) met last week to elect the members of the executive committee and the monitoring committee.

                                                                  In the foreground, the five elected members

The president of that association, Ciza Festus took this opportunity to present the projects carried out by this association. According to him, many achievements have been made including the contribution of APROPABU in the execution of the oil palm replacement project in 2006, a project supported by STABEX in collaboration with OHP, which was boycotted by palm growers. following the bad story that marked this sector.

The palm growers grouped within that association welcome the activities carried out by their association.

However, they are asking the officials of APROPABU and the Palm Oil Office to do soil studies in order to sow a variety that is adapted to the soil, to provide manure and to import an effective variety that can increase production.

On these grievances, the representative of the palm growers at the level of the administration committee of the Office of palm oil, Mr. Cyriaque Sibomana indicated that the OHP has already consulted the technicians of the ISABU who will come to study the soils in order to identify the manure that corresponds to each soil, indicating that the payment of the manure will be the responsibility of the palm growers. It should be noted that the meeting was marked by the elections of five members of the executive committee and three members of the monitoring committee of APROPABU.