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The communal cottage of Murwi has been inaugurated


Jul 27, 2022

BUJUMBURA July 26th (ABP) – In his four-day working visit to Cibitoke province, the First Deputy Speaker of the Senate, Hon. Dénise Ndadaye went on Friday, July 22, 2022, to the headquarters of the Murwi commune, where she proceeded to the inauguration of the communal cottage.

During her visit to that province, Mrs. Ndadaye also held a meeting with the heads of provincial services.

In her speech, she congratulated the inhabitants of Cibitoke province in general for their participation in the development works and those of Murwi commune in particular. The latter have built a beautiful infrastructure as a communal Gite. She encouraged them to love work and invited them to safeguard peace and security, especially those living near borders with neighboring countries.

Mrs. the vice-president of the Senate registered in false against the fraud, the polygamy and the concubinage as well as drunkenness.

During that meeting, she answered the various questions, in particular that of related to the rehabilitation of the road connecting the communes Murwi and Bukinanyana; that relating to the lack of SOSUMO sugar and the non-slaughtering of cattle, goats and sheep. Those administrative officials and department heads also raised issues relating to the means of transport of area heads and salaries for village chiefs.

As for the governor of Cibitoke province, Col.Pol. Lent Bizoza, he thanked the number two of the upper house of parliament, who took advantage of the parliamentary holidays, to join his population, in the development works, and listen to their grievances, to make them reach the higher authority.