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Religious denominations are called on to commit their followers to the path of development


Jul 20, 2022

GITEGA 18th (ABP) – The Burundi Head of State, Mr. Evariste Ndayishimiye, has recommended that leaders of religious denominations undertake development projects for their faithful to pull them out of the misery inculcating in them values ​​of love of work to break with idleness.

President Ndayishimiye delivered these teachings to the Full Gospel Church of Burundi, located in the Yoba district, in the urban center of Gitega (center of the country), where he had joined the parish leaders of this church in a conference of recycling, organized for them from 14 to 17 July this year.

View of the christians

Laziness is the number one enemy of the development of a person, and hence of the country, said Mr. Ndayishimiye, before explaining, based on the biblical scriptures, that the Almighty blesses the workers and not the lazy. A Christian who begs is not one, nor is a pastor who embezzles a church tithe, he added.

Continuing his communication, President Ndayishimiye said that Burundi is a blessed country, filled with wonders, like the Garden of Eden, qualifying however that one must work hard to discover them. Furthermore, the Head of State urged religious denominations to cultivate unity within them, arguing that it is disgraceful to see people who claim to be teachers of the word of God quarreling over cause. material goods. “Such people are ventriotes. They have no vocation to serve God. They deserve to be vomited into the community of believers,” he lamented.

Previously, the legal representative of the above-mentioned church, apostle Charles Nduwumukama, had delivered a word of welcome to his distinguished guest and took the opportunity to present the results of the achievements of the church.

He indicated that this church preaches the union and the conviviality of its flock. He added that there is also a focus on changing the standard of living of the faithful by providing them with teachings on self-development. To the leaders of the parishes in recycling, he recommended leading the faithful on the path of spiritual and material development.

That event also saw the participation of many faithful of this church, American preachers and preachers from South Korea who came to teach the parish leaders.