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Ordination of Anglican pastors and deacons at Buhiga


Jul 12, 2022

KARUZI July 12th ​​(ABP) – Ten pastors and nine deacons were ordained on Sunday July 10, 2022 at Buhiga Anglican Church in Karuzi province.

Bishop Evariste Nijimbere of Buhiga told new pastors and deacons that the pastoral mission is the same as that of a shepherd. As Jesus Christ said he is the way, the truth and the life, pastors are called on to show the path that leads to faith, the path that leads to paradise. They are called on to speak the truth to enlighten the people of God, he insisted before the ordination.

                                                           The choristers adorning the ordination ceremonies

The oath is clear. On their knees, the recipients swear before the Lord, his people and his messengers that they will take the staff of command to lead the sheep to their destination.

In his speech, MP Jean Marie Nibirantije who grew up around the Anglican Church of Buhiga, spoke about its evolution. He welcomed this event, the very first in this locality since 1945, the date of the establishment of that Anglican church.

The governor of the Karuzi province Mrs. Calinie Mbarushimana asks for frank collaboration with the religious denominations which can transmit the messages of peace, security and development.

As soon as he became a diocese, as soon as he welcomed the ordination ceremonies, it is a sign of the good note attributed to Bishop Nijimbere according to Governor Mbarushimana.