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Priestly ordination and collation of the different ministries


Jul 20, 2022

BUBANZA/NGOZI July 18th (ABP) – The dioceses of Bubanza (north-west of Burundi) and Ngozi (north) proceeded, on Saturday July 16, to priestly ordination and collation of the various ministries.

                                                                      The ordained in full mass

In the Bubanza diocese, the ceremonies took place at the stadium of the provincial headquarters, where 8 deacons were ordained Priests, 7 acolytes ordained deacons, 9 siblings attached to the ministry of the acolyte, and 9 siblings were attached to the ministry of Readership.

                                                      Bishop Georges Bizimana during his homily

In the homily, the bishop of the Bubanza diocese, Mgr Jean Ntagwarara, invited the new priests to never forget that it is Jesus who chose them to go and save sinners, a task he considers difficult because, explains- he, they will even have to come up against reluctance. To fulfill their role properly, Bishop Ntagwarara asks them to give pride of place to prayer and that it be their guide and light. The other call is to appropriate the word of God and become imbued with it in order to share it with the rest of the community, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

                                                     View of ordained priests

Note that those priests and deacons took the oath, before the bishop, in the evening mass on Friday July 15, at Christ the King Cathedral in Bubanza.

In Kayanza province, the Catholic diocese of Ngozi proceeded on Saturday July 16, at the Gatara parish in Kayanza province (north), to the ordination of ten priests and seven deacons as well as the collation of ten acolytes and ten readers, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

                                                                    View of the authorities present at the ceremonies

In his advice to ordained priests, the bishop of the Ngozi diocese, Mgr Georges Bizimana, recommended that they work in accordance with their commitment and to promote transparency, truth, justice and obedience.

On behalf of the Burundian government, the Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock, Mr. Déo Guide Rurema, congratulated the new priests while welcoming the intervention of the Catholic Church in matters of integral development. He took that opportunity to invite the priests who had just been ordained to join the others in the development of the country. Note that those ceremonies saw the presence of the Burundian ombudsman, the former President of the Republic, Mr. Domitien Ndayizeye, the governor of the BRB, parliamentarians elected in the Kayanza and Ngozi provinces as well as other natives of these provinces.