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75 young people affiliated or not to political parties received training in human rights


Jun 3, 2022

CIBITOKE June 3rd (ABP) – The Ministry of National Solidarity, Social Affairs, Human Rights and Gender, organized a human rights training on Wednesday June 1 at the headquarters of Cibitoke province (north- west of Burundi), for 75 young people affiliated or not to political parties, from the provinces of Cibitoke, Bubanza, Bujumbura and Bujumbura mairie.

In her remarks, the assistant to the Minister of National Solidarity, Social Affairs, Human Rights and Gender, Mrs. Tantine Ncutinamagara, indicated that the government is sparing no effort to promote and respect human rights. In the specifications of the said ministry is the meeting of young people from political parties for education in peace and reconciliation, good coexistence in peace and security.

As young people are easily manipulated, they must be able to adhere to ideologies, with a clear vision, and be aware that politics must remain a competition of ideas and programs, she indicated.

The governor of Cibitoke province, Mr. Carême Bizoza, said in his opening speech that the development of the country is based on its youth, and as future leaders, they must be involved in the development taking into account their duties and core values.

According to the organizers of that session, for a sustainable development, young people constituting approximately 65% ​​of the Burundian population, must know that it is necessary to convince by the force of the arguments and not by the argument of the force.

Thus, three themes were developed by various officials of the Ministry of National Solidarity, including the content of the law on the fight against GBV; responsible citizenship, non-violent communication, before giving the floor to the participants for the exchanges. Different questions were asked by the participants on the integrated centers for the care of GBV, the specific law against GBV, the constraints on the application of that law, the political conflicts until the intervention of justice, illegal marriages, to name but a few.

Clarifications were given by various speakers, who insisted that the rights of a citizen are always inseparable from his/her duties. It was recommended that participants pass on the messages to their peers and friends, on behalf of the ministry in charge of human rights, working to establish a culture of peace and reconciliation.