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The Vice President of the Republic has shared Sunday prayer with the faithful of Cibitoke parish


Jun 1, 2022

CIBITOKE June 1st (ABP) – The Vice President of the Republic, Mr. Prosper Bazombanza, in the company of his wife, shared the Sunday prayer of May 29, with the Catholic Christians of Christ Roi parish of Cibitoke, Rugombo commune.

In his speech, the vice president started from the homily of the day, to call on Christians to privilege love, and to forgive each other. He commended the initiative of the leaders of the Christ Roi parish in Cibitoke, in the project to build a new church, large and able to contain hundreds of faithful.

Mr. Bazombaza took the opportunity to fulfill his promise to contribute to the construction project and handed to the parish priest an amount worth two tons of cement. He pleaded with the leaders of the Cibitoke parish while inviting them to collaborate with the administration, in the supervision of young people, so that they participate, during the next holidays, in the construction of the church, and in the development of their country, through the labor camps.

As for the parish priest of Christ Roi of Cibitoke, Father Nestor Nihorimbere, who spoke on behalf of the leaders and Christians of the parish, thanked the Vice President of the Republic for having fulfilled his promise.