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The inhabitants of Mabayi commune are called upon to choose well where to set up their houses


Jun 1, 2022

CIBITOKE June 1st (ABP) – The administrator of Mabayi commune, Mr. Nicodème Ndahabonyimana, calls on the inhabitants of that locality to choose the right place to locate their houses, in the villages and away from the edges of the rivers.

The appeal was made after landslides in the evening of Sunday May 29 caused two deaths in Miremera village of Ruhororo zone. Also, two houses collapsed in the Gasebeyi village, in addition to several hectares of various crops damaged by heavy rain during the day.

The administrator of Mabayi thanks the people for the activities of Monday, May 30, to rehabilitate the bridge connecting Mabayi and Ruhororo zone. He pleads for the rehabilitation of the drinking water network damaged by the bad weather which continues to be observed.