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Governor of Cibitoke province reacts to soaring food prices


May 20, 2022

CIBITOKE May 20th (ABP) – the governor of Cibitoke province, Colonel of police Lent Bizoza challenges the population, to properly manage the agricultural production obtained this year in this period when we observe soaring prices.

The Governor of Cibitoke said that in the Imbo plain extending to the west of Rugombo and Buganda communes, there have been poor agricultural yields following the drought recorded during the A&B seasons (2021-2022).

Thus, traders are forced to get supplies from other provinces of the country and the increase in the price of fuel leads to an increase in the price of food products, he explained. It is for this reason that Governor Bizoza called on the people not to waste the little harvest obtained and urged traders not to speculate on foodstuffs to enrich themselves on consumer donations.

For the 2022 C cropping season, the governor is encouraging people to grow alarmines and many other legumes, using water from rivers or irrigation canals. The governor also invites the people to use briquettes or peat to circumvent the daily increase in the price per bag of charcoal.

Governor Bizoza has reassured the population that soon, Cibitoke province will be served up to 30 tons of sugar per month, unlike ten tons in the past.

Note that consumers and sellers continue to blame each other, with regard to the soaring prices of basic necessities in that Cibitoke.

Both ask for the involvement of the administration, to avoid exaggeration