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People are called upon to properly manage water sources and the environment


May 25, 2022

GITEGA May 25th (ABP) – The deputy councilor in charge of development in Gitega commune, Mrs. Anne Marie Ndayisaba, launched last week, in the town of Gitega, an appeal to the people of Gitega to protect public infrastructure, by especially water standpipes. It was during a sketch entitled “Uruhara rwawe”, presented by Akeza net, with funding from the European Union. She said that with some projects including the project to strengthen the drinking water supply of the cities of Gitega and its surroundings, the people of the urban area of ​​Gitega had access to drinking water compared to other zones of the said commune.

Mrs. Ndayisaba called on that population to properly manage those public infrastructures, in particular the water sources, because according to her, the latter remains essential to human life: “It is their role to protect water and the environment, which are engine of development,” she said.

She also asked Akeza net to carry out that project in other areas and communes of Gitega and even throughout the country if the means allow them to continue to teach the population their role in safeguarding the environment and property. public. It should be noted that on the sidelines of that activity, Akeza net asked questions relating to the sketch and awarded prizes to the winners. Those prices consisted of soaps, basins, loincloths and a radio set.