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Opening of a branch of the “Femme Intwari” association in Mugina commune


May 18, 2022

CIBITOKE May 17th (ABP) – On Sunday, May 15, the “Femme Intwari” association opened its branch in Mugina commune in Cibitoke province (north-west of Burundi).

The activities of that day began with the assistance to about thirty patients in the pediatric department, at the Agape Clinic in Rugombo, in the health province of Cibitoke. The assistance consisted of flour, porridge and milk and laundry soaps.

The gesture was well appreciated by the beneficiaries who expressed their feeling of satisfaction. The 30 mothers of assisted children welcomed this initiative. They invite other organizations to follow that example, to help the needy.

For the representative of the “Femme Intwari” association at the national level, Mrs. Charlotte Ndayizigiye, that gesture fits well with their vision of an organization for peace, development and mutual aid.

After the presentation of the municipal committee to the guests, she gave them advice on how to always be exemplary, supportive, supporters of peace and development, and how to work in cooperatives.

The provincial representative of the association encouraged the Intwari women of her province to stand out for excellence in their businesses and respect for the law.

As for Perpétue Ndayisaba, the new representative of the Rugombo communal branch, she promised to always participate alongside the administration in organized activities. She urged her companions to take the lead in contributing to development and safeguarding peace and security.