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Shoemaking is not a profession reserved exclusively for men


May 19, 2022

KAYANZA May 19th (ABP) – The trade of shoemaker is not reserved exclusively for men as some think. That is the assertion of a woman named Concilie Izere exercising this profession in the city of Kayanza (north).

To do this, she proposes that her pairs learn this trade in order to support their husbands in the family needs, noted the ABP during its passage to the road coming towards the locality called Gitaramuka.

Still sitting next to her husband, who works as a shoemaker, Mrs. Concilie Izere said that women, too, are capable of repairing shoes. She said that by getting close to her husband, she was able to learn how to mend shoes.

Mrs. Izere further indicated that, at the moment, she helps her husband in the repair of shoes and that thanks to this trade, she can meet some family needs.

“In the past, I had to resort to my husband, whereas today I am able to buy what I need,” she told a check by the ABP. Contacted in this regard, her husband by the name of Juvénal Ndayishimiye pointed out that the contribution of his wife is essential in the family. He pointed out that once they arrive at work, they share the shoes to be repaired, which allows this couple to save time and money at the same time.

It was at a time when the adviser to the Governor of Kayanza in charge of development, Mr. Vénuste Nduwimana, was delighted with the number of women who join today in trades previously reserved for men.

Thus, he suggested that no woman or girl would exclude themselves in income-generating professions because this will even eradicate gender-based violence.