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Governor of Kayanza warns mineral extractors in Kibira National Park


May 25, 2022

KAYANZA May 24th (ABP) – Some people arrogate the right to illegally extract minerals in the Kibira forest. As indicated by the head of the Kibira National Park Mr. Antoine Nteziryayo, the latter would be in cahoots with the local administrators as well as the police who stand guard in this protected area.

To block the road to this disorder, Mr. Nteziryayo asks the provincial administration of Kayanza to intervene in order to discourage that bad practice.

Reacting to that question, the Governor of Kayanza, Colonel Rémy Cishahayo, considers these illegal gold miners to be rebels and that they must be apprehended to answer for their actions. Given that the Kibira nature reserve is under the guard of the security forces, he warns that it is the soldiers assigned there who will be condemned each time they fail to get their hands on these miners who smuggle into this protected area. Moreover, he warns that thorough investigations are already underway to identify those who buy the minerals extracted in the natural forest of Kibira so that they too are subject to the force of the law. The situation is thus at a time when the public prosecutor at the Kayanza High Court indicates that the mineral and coffee fraudsters caught in flagrante delicto are convicted in flagrante delicto trials.