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The results of the permanent housing are positive


May 12, 2022

CIBITOKE May 11th (ABP) – The practice of permanent stalling in Cibitoke has already produced positive effects, both for stockbreeders and their employees. The stockbreeders of Kagazi in Rugombo commune, are delighted with the increase in manure, the great

production of milk, compared to the quantity of the period, when the cattle were taken to graze the grass from village to village, according to their testimonies.

One of the breeders, Albert Ngendakumana from Kagazi village in Rugombo commune, points out that initially the breeders were unaware of the advantages of keeping the cattle in permanent stalls, such as the disappearance of diseases due to the fatigue of the animals or their exposure to too much sun, increased milk and manure. Neighbors also benefit from this practice through the sale of grass and pasture, the ownership of stables to earn money to support their families. He did not forget the saving of time to attend to other concerns and the contribution to the protection of the environment.