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Bins for the collection of household waste and other waste are overflowing


May 12, 2022

KAYANZA May 11th (ABP) – As part of the project called Lake Victoria Water and Sanitation Project (LVWATSAN2), bins for the collection of household waste and other waste was installed in various localities of the headquarters of the province of Kayanza (north) with a view to promoting hygiene. However, the observation is that those bins are now overwhelmed with dirt.

Contacted to find out where the problem lies, the communal administrator of Kayanza, Mr. Gilbert Nyandwi, said that these bins intended for the collection of household waste and other waste were overwhelmed due to the lack of spare parts for the tractors intended for their discharge. He says that, to unload household waste and waste thrown in public places, they use dump trucks belonging to the Kayanza commune.

But, he continues, the shortage is also another challenge that aggravates the situation in this activity. The same communal authority in Kayanza laments that it is a vacuum truck so far not received because of its defect.

That truck is parked in the enclosures of the REGIDESO, branch of Kayanza, he worries.

From all the above, Administrator Nyandwi asks the population residing in downtown Kayanza to consider developing compost bins to facilitate the management of garbage and other waste.

In our subsequent editions, it will be the turn of the decent latrines also built within the framework of the LVWATSAN2 project, which have not yet been functional because they have not been received.