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Customers appreciate the services of the solidarity fund for education workers


Apr 22, 2022

GITEGA April 22nd (ABP) – The customers of the solidarity fund for education workers (FSTE) are satisfied with the services provided to them. These are the comments that a check by ABP collected from certain customers of that financial institution, in its agency of Gitega (center of the country).

An affiliate of the FSTE since its inception in 1986, Mr. Jean-Berchmans Kantungeko, praised the benefits brought to him by the FSTE. He testifies that he bought a land property which supports his family and cows which, thanks to their organic manures, result in a good agricultural yield.

Similar satisfactions also emanate from Uziel Sindayigaya and Tharcisse Mayoya. First, they are delighted with the fact that the fund is closer to its customers, particularly at the headquarters of the provinces of Gitega and Ngozi, also adding Bururi, whose infrastructure is still under construction. They explained that this initiative has reduced the long journeys that one made when going to the headquarters of the institution, in Bujumbura, in search for its services.

Unheard-of expenditures were being made there for transport, accommodation and catering, they deplored, before adding that the loan applied for was vanishing in that city, for futile purposes.

The two speakers also appreciated the low interest rates on salary advances (3%) and housing loans (8%). They also commended the innovations of the FSTE, citing, as an indication, the “mobile banking” service.

The FSTE branch manager, Mr. Gilbert Kwizera, explained that this technique saves the time of the customer to go to the bank counter to make withdrawals, specifying that he relies, instead, on the Ecocash or Lumicash agents.

Mr. Kwizera informed that shortly the Fund will have set up its electronic payment service “FSTE-Cash”. To customers who request the reduction of the interest rate on ordinary loans, Mr. Kwizera replied that this is the responsibility of the Central Bank.